The Astroharmonics of Treasury Bonds and the Planet Mars

By Larry Pesavento

When I first began researching astroharmonic events to see if there was a correlation
between planetary positions and stock market movements, I logically would pick
a signi.cant high or low point and proceed to test the thesis. The Venus-Uranus
cycle was used because the synodic period (one complete cycle) is 225 days divided by 365
days which equals .618 or the mystical Fibonacci number. In my book "Astro-Cycles - The
Trader's Viewpoint, " I expanded Donald Bradley's "Stock Market Prediction" another forty
years and found it was as valid as ever.
Treasury bonds were my next project because of the huge volatility and superb liquidity. I
assumed that at extreme highs and lows similar astroharmonics would exist. The planet Mars
was the answer. Mars is associated with energy and heat. It moves through the 12 Zodiac signs
(30 degrees each sign) every 45 days.
Only the major aspects were tested in order to keep the program as simple as possible.
Conjunctions (0 degrees), sextiles (60 degrees), squares (90 degrees), trines (120 degrees) and
oppositions (180 degrees) were chosen. We asked the computer to give us these dates when
Mars completed these aspects with the outer planets - Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and
Pluto. As a trader using these astroharmonic dates, one would expect a signi.cant tradeable
trend change to occur near these astroharmonic aspects of Mars to Jupiter, etc. The September
1989 T-bond chart illustrates several of the aspects. The smaller aspects of the inner planets
were omitted because the chart would have appeared too cluttered.
The retrograde and direct motion of Mars should also be watched closely. Mars moves
slowly in relation to Mercury and Venus, so it is not wise to expect a trend change on the
day of Mars going direct or retrograde. I particularly like to use a pattern recognition system
to signify that the energy of Mars is in effect. In this particular case, it is "breakaway gap"
as Mars changes motion.
Our thanks to Bill meridian at Cycles Research and Rob Hand at Astrolabe for developing
the program to test these ideas. Several years down the road, .nancial astrologers will be
getting more than their equal time with other technical traders.

Larry Pesavento, Astro-Cycles, 1421 Price Street, Pismo Beach, California 93449
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