Beyond Gann: Number Vibrations

By Gregory and Helen Meadors and Neal Chabot, Ph.D.

W. D. Gann made millions in the markets using techniques which have been called
esoteric, which Webster di.nes as, "Understood by only a chosen few". Gann's cosmic
perspective was that of the "perennial philosophy": the in.nite order of things, expressed
in the relationships of numbers (mathematics) and forms (geometry), is the pattern upon which
the material world is structured. "As above, so below," expresses this eternal law.
The natural proportions of numbers are also re.ected in the symmetry of the human body
(.g. 1), which is neurologically structured like a receiving antenna for waves and vibrations
of many kinds. In many ways still not understood, human beings receive and often react to
stellar and cosmic in.uences. Just as we respond to the harmonies of music (sound vibration)
and color (electromagnetic vibration), so we also respond (subconsciously) to electromagnetic
vibrations of cosmic origin which affect the subtle nervous system. The "music of the spheres"
may cause subconscious reactions which then appear outwardly as the phenomena of investor
(mass) psychology, as measured by the Dow Jones averages.
In our recent articles on "Vibration Inversion Points" and "Biblical Cycles" we introduced you
to the inter-relationships between planetary angles (harmonics), geometric forms and Biblical
numbers. We discussed the hexagonal geometric formation known as the Seal of Solomon
(Star of David) with its multiple 60 degree angles. We showed how Solomon Vibration Points
(multiple planetary harmonic angles of 60 degrees) have exactly timed major turning points in the
stockmarket and why this is often contrary to textbook astrological interpretations.
We have pointed out that geometric structures and planetary angles are really expressions
of numbers, with each geometric form corresponding to a particular number or set of numbers.
In our article, "Beyond Gann: Biblical Cycles" (November 1988 G&EW) we discussed the Biblical
number "666" and how it corresponds to the name of "Solomon" as well as being the numerical
vibration of the NYSE. This number is often thought to have negative connotations; however,
readers should refer to 2 Chronicles 9:13 for a positive meaning.
In our previous article we also noted that during the widely advertised "Harmonic
Convergence" of August 1987 (see Newsweek August 17, 1987), the high in the Dow was
66.6 times the Dow low of this century (July 8, 1932). Gann was known to use planetary
cycles, numbers, and letters as forecasting tools. Using these and other proven analytical
methods, we were able to forecast the August 1987 top and the October crash months in
advance. Since then, we have obtained a 90 percent accuracy rate during 1988 (see trade
con.rmations in January 1989 G&EW).


It is obvious to any student of Gann (or anyone versed in the Pythagorean tradition) that the
harmonics of numbers are extremely important for the price structure of any market. In our last
article we asserted that during the August top and the October Stockmarket Crash of 1987, the
Traders World 134
vibrational patterns which were active corresponded to the number 13.
In the ancient systems of divination, the number 13 stands for death and transformation,
and perhaps this is why thirteen is sometimes said to be unlucky. As we shall see, 13 has
had an explosive impact on the stockmarket, but it is only unlucky for those who remain
ignorant of its cycles of action.
Thirteen is also a Fibonacci number however, and our research has uncovered the fact that
the number 13 and the Fibonacci sequence of 5-8-13-21 both have a special signi.cance to the
United States and the U.S. Stockmarket.l The remainder of this article will reveal some of our
(.g 2). Observe that it contains three .gures: a key, 13 stars in the shape of the Great
Pyramid and the scales. Could the key to the U.S. financial markets be revealed in the
mathematical, astronomical and even Biblical time-cycles contained within the structure
of the Great Pyramid?2
Perhaps the designers of the U.S. Treasury Seal had a mystical passion for the knowledge
contained in the Great Pyramid, as well as the symbolism of the number 13. This would be no
surprise, since most of the founding fathers were Free-Masons, as was Gann. Benjamin Franklin,
one of the leaders of the Independence movement, was particularly learned in the esoteric
sciences. He and Thomas Jefferson both practiced astrology, and this fact may explain the
unique horoscope for the signing of the Declaration of Independence (Fig. 3).
This may also explain the occurrence of astrological symbolism in the Great Seal of the
United States and the U.S. Treasury Seal. Above the pyramid on the U.S. Treasury Seal
(in the heavens) are the scales, a symbol of justice and balance of opposing forces. The
scales are the symbol for the constellation Libra, and Venus is said to be the "governing"
planet of Libra. Besides its reputation as the planet of love and money, Venus is said to
"govern" the horoscope of the New York Stock Exchange. Mars, the planetary opposite of
Venus, "governs" war and destruction, and Mars is in its "detriment" when passing through
the constellation Libra (Treasury Scales).

Was it just a coincidence that Mars (destruction) entered into Libra on October 8, and then
passed over the celestial equator from North to South on October 13, 1987? No wonder the
Dow went south! Was it another coincidence that Venus, the ruler of the stock exchange, also
conjoined Pluto (plutonium, explosive) on October 19 resulting in the largest .nancial explosion
in history, a climactic one day 508 (5+0+8=13) point drop?
When the scales are out of balance, that is, when the weight on one side is heavier
than that on the other side, it crashes down with almost no resistance. Perhaps what really
happened during the 13-day October crash was that the scales were out of balance, having been
irretrievably tipped by the natural laws of numbers and planetary harmonics.
In addition to the United States Treasury Seal, the Great Seal of the United States is
contained on the back of every dollar bill (Fig. 4). Along with the Great Seal are 13 items, each
with a count of 13 (some of these are not easily found). The Great Pyramid, .rst of the seven
wonders of the world, is portrayed with 13 levels to its structure which spans 13 acres. The other
side of the Great Seal (Fig. 5) shows the American eagle holding 13 arrows, 13 leaves and 13
berries in its claws. Above the eagle in the heavens are 13 pentagrams (stars), arranged in the
form of Solomon's Seal (also associated with the number 13 and Gann's 45 degree angle).3
The pentagram displays a perfect Fibonacci relationship which is also revealed in the structure
of the Great Pyramid and the Washington Monument (Fig. 6). The numerical value of the
words, "In God We Trust", also equals 13: IN (9+5=14) + GOD (7+ 6+4=17) + WE (5+5=10) +
TRUST (2+ 9+3+1+2=17), which total 58 and 5+8= 13. The other symbols and ciphers in
the Great Seal challenge our mind and prepare us to discern the symbolic correlations of
ancient knowledge. These hidden correspondences give us valuable knowledge for timing
the U.S. .nancial markets.


The number 13 had many correlations to the stockmarket prior to and during the October
1987 13-day crash. The August 1987 Dow Average top of 2722 has a numerical vibration of
13 (2+7+ 2+2=13). The number 13 also has symbolic connections with the moon, established
forever as that "faithful witness in the heavens" (Psalm 89:37). The maximum number of full
moons in a year is 13. How did the "unlucky" number 13, the 13 degree eclipse of the full moon,
and the symbolism in the Great Seal of the United States provide us with additional information to
1927 by quoting the following passage from the Bible:
"And when I shall put thee out, I will cover the heaven, and make the stars thereof dark: I will
cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give her light" (Ezekiel 32:7).
The last major bear market low in the Dow Averages occurred in August 1982 following
a lunar eclipse in the 13th degree. full moons later (5xl3=65=the number of wing
feathers on the American Eagle of the Great Seal), the next 13th degree lunar eclipse arrived
on October 6, 1987 (start of the 13-day Crash), thus completing a major eclipse (and market)
cycle. This 13 degree eclipse was an exact "square" (a "stressful" 90 degree angle) to the U.S.
birthchart sun position providing, in this case, a textbook astrological prediction of the negative
conditions that followed in the U.S. Bond and Stock markets.
During the 13-day Crash, following the 13 degree eclipse, and about October 13, Mercury
(trading) became stationary (stopped its movement in the heavens as viewed from earth) at the
13th degree in the constellation Scorpio (death and transformation, sometimes symbolized by
the Eagle), an extremely rare occurrence at this sensitive degree! In addition to these "signs",
Saturn ("Father Time") reached 17 degrees 22" Sagittarius on October 19, 1987, which was
exactly the Biblical Solomon 60 degree harmonic angle from its position of 17 degrees 22"
Libra (the bear market low of August 6th, 1982)! Saturn was also 17 degrees 22 minutes during
the December 1974 Bear Market lows. If these "coincidences" weren't enough, Venus (U.S.
Treasury Scales) conjoined Pluto (plutonium, destruction) on October 19th and the bomb was
exploded generating the .nal 508 (5+8=13) one day drop!
This was 13 months from the September 1986 low, 13 years from the major lows of 1974,
and exactly 58 (5+8=13) years from the October 1929 Crash!
With knowledge of number "vibrations", especially how critical the number 13 is for the
United States, we were able to use this "unlucky" number, which brought "luck" to us and our
subscribers after we sold short on the 13th degree lunar eclipse of October 6, 1987. Interestingly,
this date also coincided with the "buy Rosh Hashona, sell Yom Kippur" holiday cycle, which also
marked the beginning of the Biblical 40-year cycle of the state of Israel.
Bringing together these number correlations and natural laws, one can see how the 13-day
Crash of October 1987 was foretold. The next time that the number 13 could have substantial
impact on the stockrnarket will be May 19, 1989. At this time Mars and Saturn will be in exact
opposition (180 degrees) in the 13 degree. This is also a one and two-year anniversary date
(solar return) from previous trend- change dates.
Investors and traders who are awake and aware will pro.t during this timeframe.


1 The words, "United States of America" contain vowels having a numerical equivalent of
45, and consonants with a numerical equivalent of 39 (3x13). These two numbers can
be further reduced to the Fibonacci number 21 (9 + 12), which is also the total number
of letters in U.S.A.
2 "In that day shall there be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt and a monument
at the border. And it shall be for a sign and for a witness unto the Lord of Hosts in the
land of Egypt" (Isaiah 19:19-20).
3 The hexagram of Solomon's Seal (in the Great Seal) is composed of two equilateral triangles,
and in each triangle are exactly ten stars. These form a figure known as the "tetraktys", on
Traders World 137
which Pythagoras is said to have sworn his pupils to secrecy. The six-pointed star (Star of
David) is well-known as the Seal of Solomon, the standard of Israel. In addition to the number
666, which we have covered in a previous article, the numerical value of SOLOMON contains
both the number 13 and the well known Gann angle number of 45. The vowels (OOO) equal
6-6-6, and the consonants (SLMN) equal 1-3-4-5 = 13 & 45.
4 These principles are revealed in our comprehensive Genesis Market Timing Home-Study
5 The article, "Gann and the Planets" (August G&EW) provides a detailed explanation of
the "astrological" and planetary influences that occurred during the August "harmonic
convergence" top and the October 1987 Crash.

Gregory LeGrand Meadors is Director of Research at Genesis Capital Management. Dr. Neal
Chabot is in charge of managed accounts and investor relations at Genesis Capital Management.
Helen Meadors is the Executive Director Write or call: 2761 Mans.eld Drive, Burbank
Ca. 91504 (818)954-8595
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