Gann and the Planets                                           By Gregory Legrand Meadors

W.D. Gann used many esoteric techniques to predict future market direction and price
targets with amazing accuracy. In the present context, the word “esoteric” means,
“understood by only a chosen few” (Webster). These methods were never revealed
in any systematic way, and many of the principles which Gann used in his forecasting system
are awaiting your discovery. Some of these principles can be found in some of Gann’s .ctional
writings, which on the surface do not appear to have much to do with the market.
Such a book is Tunnel Thru The Air, in which Gann reveals some of the methods which
he employed for his success. The esotericism of Gann’s forecasting is well known, but
lesser known is the ancient body of esoteric sciences upon which Gann drew. Such sciences
include numerology (the universal language of numbers), astronomical cycles, astrological
interpretations, time cycles, Biblical symbology, and sacred geometry. These sciences contain

the keys to accurate market timing. For example, in this book Gann advises reading the Bible
three times to learn about cycles and how the Creator reveals nature’s universal laws. Obviously,
such a study requires years to master and cannot be picked up by the dabbler.
To get some background on the in.uence of cosmic in.uences, you can read Cosmic
Patterns by J. H. Nelson. Nelson was an RCA scientist who discovered a direct correlation
between the angular relationship of the planets and Sun Spots which affected short wave radio
transmissions. His discovery gave him the knowledge to forecast future radio disturbances
and also proved the physical effect of unseen cosmic influences based upon the angles
(aspects) of the planets (Luke 21:25).
The widely advertised Harmonic Convergence last August involved several planets in
conjunction (same longitude) in the constellation Leo (.re sign which governs the .fth house of
speculation in the horoscope). This powerful congregation of planetary in.uences also formed
positive grand trine aspects (120 degree angles) with the outer planets, which culminated at the
August 24 New Moon which was the top of the market.
The planets Jupiter and Saturn are cosmic opposites in astrological interpretation. Saturn
governs time and depression, while Jupiter governs expansion. On August 19, Jupiter turned
retrograde motion ( a condition where the planets appear to be moving backwards as viewed
from earth). This condition which decreases Jupiter’s positive in.uence lasted until December.
At the same time, Saturn turned direct motion (which increased its negative in.uence). Students
of price activity should note that in the last 20 years there have been no major market advances
during the three and one-half month Jupiter retrograde cycle.
On September 22 a Solar Eclipse occurred in the Earth sign Virgo a portent of future market
direction when activated. On October sixth, Mars (action) passed over this Solar Eclipse Degree
(29 Virgo) activating this negative Earth sign Eclipse. It was here that the market started its
record breaking 13 day drop. This was a textbook astrological event (read Encyclopedia of
Astrology of by Devore, 1947, on Mars passing over an Eclipse Degree). Is it any wonder that
the market came down to Earth? Mars then formed the negative Square (90 degree) aspect
with Neptune (confusion, illusion) and was exact on October 16.
At the same time that the Solar Eclipse was activated by Mars, a Lunar Eclipse occurred
in the 13th degree of Libra (scales, balance). In addition, Venus (NYSE ruler) entered the Bear
sign Scorpio (opposite Tarus the Bull) and formed a powerful conjunction (0 degrees) with the
destructive planet Pluto (Plutonium). The bomb was dropped when this conjunction was exact
on October 19 resulting in a 508 point one-day crash.

Mercury (trading) was also conjunct to Pluto at 3 degrees Scorpio during the Lunar Eclipse.
Around October 13, Mercury turned retrograde on the 13th degree in Scorpio, which presides
over the eighth house of the Horoscope which governs other people’s money, death, and
destruction. For the advanced student, note the positions of the Lunar Eclipse and planets
with the Lunar mansions (John 14:2).
One astrological technique of forecasting which Gann used involves comparing the current
planetary positions (transits) to the NYSE birth chart, and the use of progressions of the planets
based on one year for a day (Ezekiel 4:7). According to McWitter’s method in her book Astrology
& Stock-market Forecasting (1932), the aspects to the planet passing over the Midhaven (top
of the NYSE birthchart) are major indicators of market direction. Using this technique, one could
have seen that Jupiter was in the Midhaven when the Sun started to form an opposition of
October sixth and was exact (180) on October 19.
The number 13 is a powerful number in ancient symbology. The Dow high was 2722
(2+7+2+2= 13) which was 13 years from the October 1974 low. This number vibration (with
the planets) clearly indicated the future market direction. They gave advance warning of the
tidal wave of selling pressure last October. Many market letter writers and “advisors’ claim
that they forecast the August top and October crash, but before you buy market advice, ask
to see the trade con.rmations.

The dates given in the “Cosmic Conversation” article (Feb. issue) were the exact trine
aspects (120 degree) between Venus and the Big Wheel (change) Uranus (Ezekiel 1:16).
Historically the market tends to move up prior to the completion of the Venus trine Uranus aspect,
after which the market usually declines (unless more powerful vibrations are evident). This
twice-per- year cycle recently occurred on the following dates: March 26, 1986; July 2, 1986; May
13, 1987; August 17, 1987; and March 6, 1988. Observe the market pattern two weeks before and
after these dates. The drop into the November 11 time frame was based upon the Mars/Jupiter
conjunction (0 degrees) and opposition (180 degrees) cycles which has timed many market lows
and trend change dates. You can see it very clearly in August 1982.
Gann also mentioned the number 266 as a key in Tunnel Thru The Air and that the Biblical
story of Jonah is the key to interpretation of the future. Could the number 266 represent 72 hours
(2x6x6) which equals the three days and three nights in the story of Jonah or could it be the star
(angle) of the Magi (Matthew 2:1)? There are other keys to this short story. Read it!
The Galactic Center which is located at 266 degrees of longitude (26 degrees, Sagittarius).
Examine any geo-centric ephemeris and note that when the market crashed on October 24,
1929 (Black Thursday), the planet Saturn was at the Galactic Center (26 degrees 22 minutes
Sagittarius). Saturn’s in.uence of timing and depression has a 29 year cycle. Would it not make
sense to expect a sharp drop (third largest) to occur when Saturn reached the same location
in the heavens? Would it not also be of signi.cance if this date were a two year anniversary
after the previous record drop on January 8, 1986. This planetary cycle from a previous crash
date was missed by astrologers and market “advisors” who do not understand the cycles of
previous market history. Did you know that the market also crashed on October 19(1937)
completing a 50 year time cycle?!
Many people laugh at some of these techniques, but they also lose their money in the
market. When you have .nished your lessons and have discovered the keys, you will then have
knowledge. You will then be able to accurately interpret the “signs of the times” (Matthew 16:2-3)
and the market with “uncanny” accuracy.
Understanding how Gann used the universal language of numbers, Biblical cycles, and
sacred geometry are techniques that may be discussed in later articles.
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