Stock Market Timing Using Astrology

By Larry Pesavento

The subject matter concerning astrology is quite extensive, to say the least. Part of the
problem is that it requires a great deal of study to familiarize yourself with the position
and mathematics of our solar system. In addition, there is the question of whether to use
geocentric (Earth-centered) or heliocentric (Sun-centered) astrology. The answer to this is that
both must be analyzed in order to be prepared for the unexpected.
The use of the computer software program “Blue-Star” from Matrix software has enabled
the student of astrology to condense hundreds of hours of research into a more manageable
time frame. This software program allows you to retrieve historical data based on the position
of the planets. It is then necessary to go to past price charts and statistically verify what had
precluded.. It was well worth the effort! Several of my colleagues questioned why I would share
this information. My only response was that very few people would take the effort to learn how
to use it in the market. I .rmly believe that most good trading systems are sabotaged by the
psychological weakness of its user. What is presented here is not a trading system and it should
not be used as such. The material here is based on geocentric positions of the planets Venus and
Uranus and their effect on short term trend changes in the stock market.
The two planets possess the unique Fibonacci relationship of .618! Figure I shows the
relationship of Venus and Uranus when they are on opposite sides of the Earth or in opposition
(180 degrees). This is how it would appear from the Earth looking into the sky. It takes 255 days
for Venus and Uranus to make a complete cycle from conjunction (0 degrees) to conjunction
(0 degrees). If we take 365 days and multiply it by .618 the answer is 255 days. When I .rst
saw this relationship it was apparent that the cyclical implications would by revealing because
of the Fibonacci number sequence.
Donald Bradley, in Stock Market Prediction by Llewellyn Publications, mentioned this
effect on stock prices when Venus and Uranus were at certain critical degrees (aspect).
After studying this phenomenon for many months, certain things became apparent from
the trader’s viewpoint:
FIRST: The aspects were so accurate as a short term trading timing device that it could
be used trading stock index futures (636 aspects were tested accurate to 92 percent plus
or minus two days).
SECOND: The sample size was excellent! Over 60 aspects in a 90-year period from
THIRD: Some aspects were associated with bullish price action, and others with bearish
price action.
FOURTH: It was usually a short term (three to ten day) trend change, but more than 50
percent of the time the effect lasted several weeks.
The amount of research to verify this idea was frightening, but once I had seen the stock
market reverse direction on these days, the question had to be answered. I have studied
the technical implications of cycles in stocks and commodities for over twenty years and I must
admit that it is the single most accurate short-term timing mechanism I’ve researched. Figure
II shows the last six months of the Standard and Poors 500. Notice how the market abruptly

changes trend on these days! How a trader may enter the market armed with this knowledge
is a subject that deserves more space than is allotted in this article. Trend changes occurred
on October 5, 1987 at Venus tri.e Uranus (120 degrees); November 24 at Venus conjunction
Uranus (0 degrees); January 14 Venus sextile Uranus (60 degrees); February 9 Venus square
Uranus (90 degrees); and March 7 Venus tri.e Uranus (120 degrees). Students of W. D.
Gann have learned to respect these angular relationships.
Figure III shows that certain aspects have a positive effect and others have a negative
For your convenience, I’ve listed the next six Venus-Uranus aspects in 1988. The serious
market student owes it to himself to mark these days on his calender: May 19, 1988 Venus
Opposition Uranus (180 degrees), May 27 Venus opposition Uranus (180 degrees); August
3 Venus opposition Uranus (180 degrees). These aspects are the same because of the
retrograde motion of Venus or Uranus. My experience tells me that they will probably
be more powerful than usual because of this retrograde motion. The second of October,
1988 has Venus trine Uranus; October 28 Venus square Uranus; and November 23
Venus sextile Uranus. Watch for changes in short-term trends on these days! Several other
researchers have mentioned this Venus-Uranus correlation: James Mars Langham, Cyclical
Market Forecasting Stocks and Grain, and T. G. Butaney Forecasting Prices.

Larry Pesavento is the president of Astrocycles,
III Cuyama Shell Beach, CA 93449.
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